"Yoga is about the pose between the pose, the thoughts between our words, and the actions between our classes. Over time these moments coalesce to create a framework for conscious living.”  


Yoke was founded by Tamara Jones on a farm in the Australian coastal countryside of northern New South Wales. Tamara's mantra and mission through Yoke is to create a holistic platform for blending the outer and inner journey.

Her belief is that well being dominates and is available to anyone who chooses to cultivate this path. Tamara is an ex-New York City digital executive, daughter of vegan hippies, text book Vata, 500-hr RYT yoga teacher, classically-trained Ayurveda practitioner, and owner of too many cowboy hats.  

She’s lived on Bali, spent a decade in Brooklyn, worked on an MBA in Barcelona, has the obligatory yoga teacher Sanskrit tattoo and, yes, did a bit of time in an ashram in India.

Tamara also treats clients focused on rejuvenation and integrated wellness in her southern California green beauty practice on referral basis. Tamara speaks nationally on subjects of holistic living, natural beauty, and how searching for your authentic path can make you feel like a loser. Her upcoming engagements can be found here