The Company


We are a modern holistic tradepost creating refined goods for the conscious journey. Born in the hinterland of Byron Bay, Australia, we now call Venice, California home.

Rooted in the foundations of Yoga and Ayurveda, each product line is made with intention, led by the wisdom of ancient cultures, and crafted seasonally through sustainable practices.

All goods are socially and spiritually motivated -- designed to honor the journey within. 


THE ETHOS: Embrace your natural state of well-being.

The name Yoke is taken from a classical definition of yoga meaning union. We believe in blending the inner and outer journey.

We know that when we align our physical and spiritual life with the rhythms of the universe and natural cycles of the land, our true potential is realized.  We thread this perspective through the way we create our goods and conduct our business.

In honor of all that yoga and Ayurveda have given to us, giving back is at the heart of our framework, and conscious commerce guides our trade.


THE GOODS: Made in America by hand

Our goods are holistic both in philosophy and in range: they unify body, mind, ethos, and environment, reflecting a truly conscious and holistic lifestyle.

We made the intentional decision to work with US-based manufacturers in support of small-to-medium size family-run businesses carrying forward decades of tradition.